Network farm management tools

The basis for the implementation of information farming is communication with the entire fleet of machines, integration with partners, i.e. other companies, as well as data security and protection. Data collection, analysis and processing are the starting point for artificial intelligence algorithms used in precision farming.

Networked machines offer a wide range of options for optimizing farm management, as highlighted at John Deere headquarters in Tarnow Podgurn (Greater Poland) during a meeting with journalists on Agriculture 5.0.

Recognizing the power of technology and modern solutions, John Deere is constantly looking for solutions to improve efficiency, optimize machinery and the entire farm. To do this, it introduces various tools like JDLink – it collects most of the actual data from the machines and compares it within the fleet. The information collected is available at any time from anywhere. In the event of an error, their codes are automatically sent to the service and allow for real-time maintenance of the machine. JDLink is constantly being modified; currently operations are controlled by location or task. In the future, it will also be possible to control by operator and machine to which a specific operation is assigned for execution.

John Deere Operations Center
If you consent to transfer data from machines, you can use John Deere Operations Center, a free public platform. It’s designed for farms that use machines from other companies in addition to the John Deere brand. The platform allows you to import and analyze agricultural data from a variety of displays and formats. Data Connect connects and concentrates your entire fleet (e.g. John Deere and Class) and collected farm data into one system. You can freely use them to create the reports and analyses you need to optimize farm operations. On the platform, you can change information from Autotrac at any time, such as changes in acreage as a result of land sales/purchases. In turn, the MyOperations app, which is also compatible with the platform, locates the machines and, for example, informs about the completion of tasks from each field they are on. Once tasks are completed, the data is sent to the user’s Operations Center account and can be viewed at any time from any device. The field analyzer in the Personal Area collects information, including sown area, field yield, etc. This is useful when organizing a crop rotation (sowing date, species, variety), which can also be scheduled here for each field, and the plan can be available later.

Applications useful in crop care
For better crop protection and care, the John Deere Operations Center platform allows you to choose tools from other companies, such as Pessl, Basf, Syngenta.

For example, the FildClimate application (Pessl Instruments) provides weather forecast data, agronomic information on the time window for spray treatments and when the best time to spray. It provides disease models for individual species such as wheat, potatoes, corn, and some fruits and vegetables (over 80 disease models for 35 species). To increase the accuracy of measurements, it is best if monitoring stations (IMetos) are installed on the farm, e.g. for weather, soil moisture and precipitation, pests, and data are collected from there. In our country, Pessl solutions are provided by Metos Polska.

Xarvio is Basf’s SmartFarming offering, where the farmer has a number of useful functions at his disposal. For example, Xarvio Field Manager is used to support crop treatment decisions based on expected crop development and pathogen risk. It accompanies the farmer through the growing process from sowing (varietal seeding maps) to maintenance (varietal fertilizer application maps, irrigation documentation) to harvesting. Based on photos, Xarvio Scouting recognizes diseases, weeds, pests, leaf damage and nitrogen nutrition status of plants. Xarvio is a SmartFarming solution for 50 crops and more than 30 agronomic models, currently available in more than 40 countries.

MyField is an application from Syngenta with an advisory function. It provides data on weather forecasts for the next 14 days, InfoPole reports – information on threats to rapeseed, grains, corn with commentary. In addition, the app is integrated with the department’s crop protection products registry and provides information on crop protection product labels. It searches for crop, risk and product type, respectively, and indicates the names of drugs registered in the country. It also has other useful solutions. Contains an atlas of diseases and pests (with photos), field measurement tools, an agricultural calculator

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