Overcome Steep Odds

The new 959ML can be factory configured for shovel-logging and directional-felling applications, making it easy to harvest logs in areas once thought impassable. Our patented leveling technology delivers exceptional stability on steep slopes, while a live heel improves control and positioning of the log. An industry-exclusive slope-monitoring system displays the total range of motion on the in-cab monitor. And a “tether-ready” field kit and four-point seat harness further help you confidently operate in tough conditions.

“Our 959ML has been a game changer for us. It is very maneuverable in the extreme conditions we work in, and its ability to reach down into a deep ravine and grab timber amazes me. Operators love the spacious cab and impressive visibility. And it delivers the same uptime, reliability, and dealer support I’ve come to expect from John Deere machines.” Andrew Johnson, owner, Wolf Lake Logging Ltd., Courtenay, British Columbia

“Our John Deere 959ML has taken a lot of the work out of hoe chucking. We log in extremely rocky conditions and on steep slopes, but the phenomenal tracking power makes it easy to get around. And with the leveling system, the 959ML is stable and comfortable. It’s a beautiful machine to run.” Rob Boyes, operator, Strongback Timber, Courtenay, British Columbia.

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