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We found the biggest combine harvester in Africa – it was a John Deere X9

In agriculture, time is money, you can’t waste time and resources. You have to make decisions immediately and follow technology that changes every minute.

The X9 combine harvester was developed for high-yield crops in difficult terrain.

Due to climate change affecting farm yields, ever increasing input costs, politics, war in Ukraine, food crisis, covid restrictions agriculture in Africa and beyond is facing constant challenges.

To help farmers do what they do best, rather than search for and hear about time-saving and cost-cutting strategies and how to minimize crop losses. John Deere created its new X9 Series Grain Harvester.

Today the John Deere X9 is the largest combine harvester on the African continent. This monster was specially designed for high yields and high moisture crops in difficult conditions. It allows the operator of the machine to move with greater speed and harvest at a faster pace without any loss of yield or quality.

Thanks to the innovative design of the cab with operator comfort and climate control, the operator can spend more time driving the combine without compromising on health.

What makes the X9 combine harvester different.

  • This machine delivers ultra-efficient crop flow with up to 25% less grain loss and the articulated frame ensures unparalleled ground contour following.
  • The X9 also features a large-capacity feeding system that is 1,720 mm wide for high throughput, resulting in 23% wider and 45% more volume than the narrow body.
  • The X9 features a new 1,720 mm wide double cage with a special feed, threshing and separation zone, ensuring even feeding and excellent rock rejection. An effective threshing area of 4 m² also ensures higher threshing performance.
  • The X9 features a stubble management system with up to 15.24 m of spreading, a low-energy knife design, automatic replacement for optimum wind compensation and remote adjustment of knife rows. Overall, the stubble management system saves 20 kW of energy.

In field tests on high-yield maize in South Africa, crop losses were shown to be as low as 0.3%.

Comfort, control

John Deere has improved the cab. It gives operators maximum comfort during harvesting:

  • Larger cab area of 3.7 m².
  • Up to 20% lower noise level.
  • Excellent all-around visibility
  • New active seats, with perforated leather seat with heating, ventilation, dual-zone massage, inflatable side cushions, retractable seat cushions, electric controls and seat swivels 16 degrees in both directions.
  • Electromechanical suspension
  • LED lighting
  • Apple CarPlay digital radio

Customization of machine controls is optimized to reduce fatigue and includes a fourth-generation control center and seven programmable buttons on the joystick for ease of use and comfort.

Farmers can expect productivity gains of up to 30 percent on slopes up to 10 degrees and skid reduction of up to 50 percent on slopes up to 10 degrees with active terrain corrections.

The combine and engine run perfectly at low rpm, as low as 1,900 rpm, for additional fuel savings.

The X9 is a lot of fun to operate. Here are a few more John Deere X9 advantages:

  • The 13.6L PowerTech engine with up to 515 kW delivers 20% less fuel consumption and 30% more torque than the 13.5L engine.
  • The ProDrive XL transmission delivers up to 30 percent more torque across the entire speed range.
  • 30% more footprint reduces ground pressure due to less soil compaction, lower tillage costs and higher yields.
  • Lower operating costs due to 50% lower wear rate with no maintenance.
  • Comfort is increased by 20% and the ride is smoother at 40 km/h.
  • As for front attachments, attachments and folding corn harvesters can be used with the X9 depending on the type of crop to be harvested.

John Deere X9-Series Grain Harvester Now Traveling Through South Africa

Launched at Nampo 2022, the John Deere X9-Series Grain Harvester has generated a lot of excitement for the incredible performance and productivity of the all-new Class 11 combine.

The X9 combine harvester is currently touring South Africa. It has already been seen in Vreda in the Free State on June 7, in Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal on June 14 and in Middelburg in Mpumalanga on June 24. It now heads to Douglas in the Northern Cape in July before continuing on to the Northwest and Western Cape.

On the John Deere X9 Tour, farmers will be able to experience the X9 live and also get a chance to test it out in the field for themselves.

Stay tuned for the latest John Deere news on our site to find out where the next X9 stop will be.

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