What will change Another 6M 6R upgrade

What’s new in John Deere tractors. What will change? Another 6M/6R upgrade

The 6M/6R Series tractors are among the most popular in the John Deere lineup. The American manufacturer has prepared a package of important upgrades that will affect operator comfort as well as increase productivity.

Your favorite music and apps from Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are also on the 6R Series

During the toughest parts of the season, operators spend up to several hours a day in the tractor cab. No wonder they want to make that time more enjoyable with their favorite music or podcasts. It’s possible thanks to top-notch equipment.

Your favorite music and apps from Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are also on the 6R Series
Your favorite music and apps from Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are also on the 6R Series

So, in addition to the premium radio, John Deere now offers a touchscreen radio, previously known mainly to users of larger tractors (7R, 8R/RT/RX, 9R/RT/RX series). The screen is located in the upper right front corner for good visibility and easy access. A cell phone can be connected wirelessly or via the USB-A connector on the right console, allowing communication via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Standard radio will still be available on the base cars 6M and 6R.

Undoubtedly, the key element of the car that affects comfort is the seat.

The currently offered Ultimate seat will be replaced with a new model that provides a better view of the machine being aggregated with the tractor, as the upper part of the backrest swivels when the user turns. The seat is also available with a leather package and now offers 2-stage heating and an improved active ventilation system. This new Ultimate seat will also be available on the aftermarket,”

says Simon Kaczmarek, John Deere product specialist

Changes for better performance

In addition, John Deere is preparing other changes for individual models. For machines designated 6R 230 and 6R 250, you can count on a more efficient hydraulic oil pump that will increase capacity from the current 160 lpm to 195 lpm. This means even better handling of mounted machines or implements, in particular pneumatic seed drills or hydraulically driven spreaders.

Changes for better performance
Changes for better performance

For the 6R 155 to 6R 185 models, tire sizes 710/60R42 VF and 600/60 R30 VF for 50 km/h will now also be available.

Jet steering – available on larger machines

Major upgrades will also be made to the 7R Series models. Specifically, the steering cylinder size will be increased from 56 mm x 25 mm to 70 mm x 36 mm, resulting in a 50% increase in steering response.

Importantly, the manufacturer has increased the permissible gross weight for the 7 Series, which is now 18,000 kg, even with a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

This is not the end of the news when it comes to the 7R series: the manufacturer has also prepared Reactive Steering. What advantages does this offer in practice?

Reactive steering reduces the amount of arm movement, helping the operator to hold the center more easily. Reactive Steering uses a load-sensing control valve that uses hydraulic signals from the left and right steering cylinders. The system can be turned on/off with the CommandCenter if necessary ,

adds Szymon Kaczmarek .
Jet steering - available on larger machines
Jet steering – available on larger machines

The new system works thanks to a new control valve that turns functions on and off. The system removes the steering dead zone, which improves driving comfort, especially on the road.

Active Command Steering 2, which includes automatic steering shifting, will still be available.