Trusted Dealer of John Deere Machinery

Agritex St-Jacques is a member of the Agritex Group Inc., which has 12 branches across the country and is one of the leading dealers of John Deere farm, construction, and lawn machinery in Canada. The group’s success is based on the strong commitment and dedication of its leaders, shareholders, and staff. Agritex strives to serve the local customers by offering quality products and services at fair prices.

John Deere Equipment at Agritex St-Jacques

Agritex St-Jacques has a wide range of new and used John Deere equipment:For Agriculture: Tractors, loaders, planting & seeding machines, harvesting tools, hay & forage equipment, utility vehicles, and tillage equipment.
For Commercial: Tractors, loaders, commercial mowing and snow removal machines, road building equipment.
For Construction: Compact excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, and compact track loaders.
For Resident: Zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, and compact tractors.

All John Deere equipment is designed for tough use while ensuring reliable performance.

Used John Deere Equipment at St-Jacques Branch

Used John Deere equipment, that offers Agritex, gives customers access to a wide selection of models from various categories. Each piece is thoroughly inspected and repaired by certified technicians and comes with warranties.

Agritex also has flexible financing options at competitive rates. Contact the team for personalized advice based on needs and budget.

Original John Deere Parts at Agritex St-Jacques

Agritex St-Jacques has a large inventory of original John Deere parts, as well as parts from other brands. The parts inventory covers:Engine: belts, fuel injectors, radiator and cooling system parts, ignition coils and spark plugs, sensors and switches, gaskets and seals, oil and lubrication parts.
Filters: engine filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, transmission filters, cabin filters.
Hydraulics: hoses, cylinders, pumps, valves, fittings and connectors, seals and o-rings.
Undercarriage: axles and drivetrain parts, tires and wheels, track or tire chains, suspension parts, brakes and brake pads, bearings and seals, drive belts.
Steering and Controls: steering racks and tie rod ends, control levers and handles, joysticks, switches and electrical controls, cables and linkages, control valves.
Attachments and Tools: loader bucket teeth, planter seed meters and tubes, harvester concaves and sieves, hay rake tines and teeth, cultivator shanks and sweeps, disc blades and bearings, chisel plow points, tiller tines, cutting edges, screed plates, augers, conveyor chains, hydraulic hammers, drills, grapples.
Electrical Parts: batteries, alternators, starters, wiring harnesses, solenoids, switches, relays, ignition coils, spark plugs, lights (headlights, taillights, work lights), gauges, sensors and switches (temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc.), control modules (ECU, ECM), fuse boxes and fuses, connectors and terminals, horns, radios and speakers.

If a specific John Deere part is not in stock, it can be ordered. Besides parts, Agritex St-Jacques also sells a variety of John Deere toys, clothing, and promotional items.

The Vision of Agritex Group

Agritex Group believes that a skilled and passionate team is essential to delivering excellent customer service. The organization is committed to following the high standards of excellence and quality set by its suppliers. Agritex regularly upgrades facilities, inventories, and staff training to stay ahead of the competition. This all ensures that customers get the best John Deere products and services.