Your Trusted Source for John Deere Expertise

Located in Yamaska, Quebec, Agritex Yamaska is a prominent branch of the Agritex Group Inc. With 12 branches spread across the nation, Agritex is acknowledged as a leading dealer in John Deere agricultural, construction, and lawn machinery. This standing is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the group’s leadership, shareholders, and staff. Agritex’s core mission revolves around serving the local community by offering top-tier products and services at competitive prices.

John Deere’s Comprehensive Equipment Line at Agritex Yamaska

Agritex Yamaska provides a full range of new and pre-owned John Deere equipment, suitable for a variety of needs:

  • Agriculture: Featuring tractors, loaders, planting and seeding equipment, harvesting tools, hay and forage machines, and various tillage devices.
  • Commercial: Including tractors, loaders, commercial mowing machines, snow removal equipment, road construction tools, and utility vehicles.
  • Compact Construction: Offering compact excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, and compact track loaders.
  • Residential: Providing zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, and compact tractors.

All equipment from John Deere is designed for robust usage and guarantees long-lasting performance.

Quality Pre-owned John Deere Machinery at Yamaska

At Agritex Yamaska, customers can access a broad selection of pre-owned John Deere machinery. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected and serviced by certified technicians and comes with a warranty. Agritex also offers tailor-made financing options to fit different financial needs.

Genuine John Deere Parts Available at Agritex Yamaska

Agritex Yamaska maintains a vast inventory of authentic John Deere parts, along with parts from other manufacturers, including:

  • Engine Parts: belts, fuel injectors, radiators, ignition parts, sensors, gaskets, and lubrication components.
  • Hydraulic Components: hoses, cylinders, pumps, valves, and related fittings and seals.
  • Undercarriage Parts: axles, tires, suspension parts, brakes, bearings, and belts.
  • Steering and Control Parts: featuring steering parts, control levers, joysticks, switches, cables, and valves.
  • Attachments and Tools: loader bucket parts, planter components, harvester parts, tines, cultivator parts, blades, plow points, and more.
  • Electrical Components: batteries, alternators, starters, wiring, lights, gauges, control modules, and various switches and relays.
  • Filters: engine, fuel, air, hydraulic, transmission, and cabin filters.

For any specific John Deere part not immediately available, special orders are welcomed. Agritex Yamaska also offers a range of John Deere toys, clothing, and promotional items.

The Agritex Group’s Commitment to Service Excellence

The Agritex Group is driven by the belief that a knowledgeable and passionate team is essential for providing outstanding customer service. The organization adheres to the high standards of quality set by its suppliers and continually invests in enhancing its facilities, inventory, and staff training. This commitment ensures that customers receive the best John Deere products and services.