Your Go-To for John Deere Needs

Nestled in Harvard, Illinois, along US Highway 14, AHW Harvard serves key counties like Boone, Lake, McHenry, and Walworth. This hub specializes in John Deere parts, services, and equipment, making it a top choice for locals.

Diverse Equipment Range

Whether it’s for large farms or small gardens, AHW Harvard has it all. They offer tractors, combines, sprayers, planters, lawn mowers, utility vehicles, and construction equipment. This variety caters to every customer’s unique needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

AHW Harvard excels in customer care. They ensure readily available parts at great prices. Their team, known for their expertise, helps customers navigate their extensive product range.

Easily Accessible Location

With clear John Deere and AHW signs, their site is hard to miss. The location is convenient, enhancing the shopping experience for all.

Community Focused

More than a store, AHW Harvard is a community ally. They understand and meet local landowners’ needs, helping them maintain and beautify their properties. Customers at AHW Harvard join a community dedicated to agricultural and landscaping excellence.

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