Your Go-To John Deere Source

Nestled on E 1200N Road, just east of Route 54, AHW Melvin is the premier destination for John Deere parts, service, and equipment in Ford, Iroquois, McLean, and the surrounding counties. Known for unparalleled service, AHW Melvin stands as the top choice for landowners in the region.

Unmatched Service Quality

Customers consistently praise AHW Melvin for providing the best service experience. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every customer interaction.

A Full Range of Equipment

From small personal projects to large-scale agricultural operations, AHW Melvin offers an extensive range of John Deere equipment. This includes tractors, combines, sprayers, planters, lawn mowers, utility vehicles, and compact construction tools.

Easily Accessible

The AHW Melvin site, identifiable by its expansive equipment lots and prominent AHW signage, is a beacon for those looking to maintain and improve their property with top-quality equipment.