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Since its inception in 1964, Pattison Agriculture has been an influential entity in the agriculture sector, particularly in the Swan River region. The company’s philosophy of “Growing, Connecting, & Evolving” is evident in its commitment to incorporating the latest technological advancements in agricultural practices. Focused on the unique agricultural landscape of Swan River, Pattison Agriculture provides tailored solutions to the local farming community.

John Deere Construction & Lawn Equipment in Swan River

In Swan River, Pattison Agriculture offers a diverse range of John Deere equipment, accommodating various agricultural needs. The company provides both brand-new and pre-owned John Deere machinery, ensuring a broad selection for various preferences and budgets.

  • Agriculture: Includes Tractors, Planting & Seeding, Grain Harvesting, Hay & Forage, Tillage, Sprayers & Applicators, Precision Agriculture, and Frontier Implements specific to Swan River’s terrain.
  • Lawn Care: Features Gator Utility Vehicles and additional Lawn Care equipment suitable for Swan River’s landscape.
  • Construction: Offers equipment such as Scrapers and Worksite Pro Attachments, tailored for construction needs in Swan River.

Original Parts for John Deere Equipment in Swan River

Pattison Agriculture ensures the best performance and durability of equipment in Swan River by providing an extensive range of original parts for each type of John Deere machinery.

  • Tractors: Engines, transmissions, filters, hydraulics, etc.
  • Planting & Seeding: Discs, bearings, openers, seed tubes, etc.
  • Grain Harvesting: Concaves, augers, belts, chopper blades, etc.
  • Hay & Forage: Knives, baler belts, pick-up tines, cutter bars, etc.
  • Tillage: Shovels, sweeps, points, harrow teeth, etc.
  • Sprayers & Applicators: Nozzles, pumps, tanks, hoses, etc.
  • Lawn Care: Blades, belts, spindles, filters, etc.
  • Construction: Buckets, teeth, cutting edges, hydraulic components, etc.

Customer Service Commitment in Swan River

In Swan River, Pattison Agriculture is dedicated to providing superior customer service, with a team well-versed in the specific agricultural challenges of the region.

By leveraging advanced technology, Pattison Agriculture offers remote support to its clients. The company’s Solutions Consultants, equipped with modern tools, can remotely connect to agricultural equipment in Swan River, offering configuration and troubleshooting services. This innovation significantly reduces downtime and travel, boosting operational efficiency for Swan River farmers.

Pattison Agriculture also offers comprehensive support services in Swan River, including on-site equipment maintenance, emergency repairs, and extensive after-sales support.