Supplier for John Deere Agriculture & Lawn Equipment

Since its establishment in 1964, Pattison Agriculture has been a contributor to the Canadian agricultural industry. Upholding its ethos of “Growing, Connecting, & Evolving,” the company is renowned for its tailored agricultural practices and technologies in the Saskatchewan area.

Diverse Range of John Deere Equipment in Wynyard

Pattison Agriculture’s Wynyard branch offers extensive John Deere agriculture and construction equipment.

  • Agriculture: Features an array of Tractors, Planting & Seeding equipment, Grain Harvesting tools, Hay & Forage implements, Tillage machinery, Sprayers & Applicators, Precision Agriculture technologies, and Frontier Implements.
  • Lawn Care: Includes a variety of Gator Utility Vehicles and Lawn Care equipment.
  • Construction: Offers a Scrapers and Worksite Pro Attachments.

The company prides itself on providing a wide selection of both the latest and previously owned John Deere machinery, catering to the diverse preferences and financial plans of the Wynyard community.

High-Grade John Deere Parts in Wynyard

To maintain the brand’s standards of equipment performance and durability, Pattison Agriculture provides a comprehensive range of high-grade John Deere parts in Wynyard. These original parts are essential for the effective functioning of agricultural, lawn, and construction machinery in the region.

  • Tractors: Supplies engine parts, transmission systems, filters, hydraulic components, and more, all suitable for Wynyard’s farming environment.
  • Planting & Seeding: Offers discs, bearings, seed openers, seed tubes, and other vital parts.
  • Grain Harvesting: Provides concaves, augers, belts, chopper blades, and similar harvesting components.
  • Hay & Forage: Includes knives, baler belts, pick-up tines, cutter bars, and other forage equipment parts.
  • Tillage: Features shovels, sweeps, points, harrow teeth, and other tillage-related parts.
  • Sprayers & Applicators: Stocks nozzles, pumps, tanks, hoses, and related applicator parts.
  • Lawn Care: Provides blades, belts, spindles, filters, etc., tailored for Wynyard’s lawn care needs.
  • Construction: Offers buckets, teeth, cutting edges, hydraulic components, and more for construction projects.

Pattison Agriculture in Wynyard Know for Exceptional Customer Service

Pattison Agriculture boasts a team of skilled sales experts, supported by approachable finance, service, and parts departments.

Using cutting-edge technology, Pattison Agriculture delivers exceptional remote support to Wynyard’s farming community. Its team of Solutions Consultants efficiently manages remote connections to John Deere farm machinery, facilitating quick configuration and troubleshooting, thereby significantly reducing downtime and eliminating the need for extensive travel.