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TRULAND Equipment Huntington

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Your Go-To John Deere Dealer

A Trusted Resource for Farmers and Landscapers in Huntington, IN

TRULAND Equipment in Huntington, Indiana stands as a beacon for farmers, homeowners, and landscapers seeking top-notch John Deere equipment and services. With a commitment to excellence, TRULAND is the first stop for those who demand quality and reliability in their equipment.

Wide Selection of John Deere Equipment

Whether it’s a high-performance combine, a versatile utility tractor, a precision riding mower, a rugged compact tractor, or a dependable Gator™ utility vehicle, TRULAND’s Huntington location has it all. Their extensive inventory caters to a broad range of agricultural and landscaping needs.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

The team at TRULAND Huntington is known for their friendliness and deep knowledge of John Deere products. They are passionate about understanding each customer’s unique requirements and guiding them to the best equipment choices.

Conveniently Located for Easy Access

Easily accessible, the TRULAND showroom is located on W 500 N, just off SR-5. It’s a location that ensures a hassle-free visit for all customers, whether they’re coming for a quick part replacement or for in-depth consultations on machinery.

Embracing a New Name with Time-Honored Values

Please be aware that TRULAND Equipment has recently transitioned from its former identity as TTG Equipment. This name change reflects a new chapter while continuing the tradition of providing exceptional John Deere service and products.

For those in the Huntington area looking for the best in agricultural and landscaping equipment, TRULAND Equipment is the destination. Their blend of a wide product range, expert advice, and convenient location makes them a clear choice for all your John Deere needs. Visit them today and experience the difference of a dedicated John Deere dealer.