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TRULAND Equipment (Lawn and Garden)Swayzee

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Lawn and Garden Excellence

Swayzee’s Top Choice for Lawn and Garden Needs

TRULAND Equipment in Swayzee, Indiana, is a leading provider of quality John Deere lawn and garden equipment. Both homeowners and professional landscapers trust TRULAND for their equipment needs.

Wide Range of Lawn Care Solutions

Customers at TRULAND’s Swayzee location find a diverse selection of equipment. From residential mowers to ZTrak™ zero-turn mowers, there’s something for every lawn. The store also stocks a variety of handheld power tools, perfect for every garden task.

Explore the Showroom on South Washington Street

The TRULAND showroom in Swayzee is a must-visit. It showcases various models, allowing customers to compare features and get hands-on experience. The staff, known for their expertise, are always ready to guide and assist.

Dedicated Service and Parts Support

TRULAND doesn’t just sell equipment; it also provides comprehensive service and parts support. The service team ensures optimal performance of all equipment, while genuine parts guarantee reliability and longevity.

A New Name, Same Trusted Quality

TRULAND Equipment, formerly known as TTG Equipment, has rebranded to reflect its commitment to improvement and excellence. This change honors the company’s history while focusing on future growth.

Visit TRULAND in Swayzee Today

TRULAND in Swayzee is your go-to place for all lawn and garden equipment needs. Whether you’re enhancing your backyard or managing multiple properties, TRULAND offers the products and expertise you need. Visit the showroom in Swayzee for top-notch service and a wide selection.