ACU 000177.17 (ACU 177.17 ) – Engine Speed Limitation Due to Cold Oil Conditions

ACU 000177.17 (ACU 177.17)

Code: 000177.17

Shortcode: 177.17


This error code ACU 000177.17 signifies that the engine speed is limited due to cold oil. The condition is triggered when the engine speed is commanded above 1500 rpm while the transmission oil temperature is below -5 °C (23 °F).


The control unit limits the engine speed to 1500 rpm to prevent mechanical wear or damage due to inadequate lubrication from the cold oil.


  • Allow the engine to idle until the oil reaches a sufficient temperature for safe operation.
  • Regularly check and maintain the oil and heating systems to ensure quicker warm-up times during cold conditions.
  • If the engine frequently experiences this issue, consider using an oil with a viscosity more suited to local climate conditions.


This code is considered normal when the oil temperature is cold (-5 °C [23 °F]). It is a protective measure to prevent engine damage under cold start conditions.