ACU 000237.02 (ACU 237.02 ) – VIN Security Data Conflict

ACU 000237.02 (ACU 237.02)

Code: 000237.02

Shortcode: 237.02


This error code indicates a VIN security data conflict. It occurs when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from other control units does not match, suggesting a possible data inconsistency or error in system configuration.


The control unit responds to this inconsistency by degrading the function, which may limit certain operations or functionalities to prevent potential errors or damage.


  • Verify the VIN entries across all control units to ensure consistency. This can typically be done through the diagnostic settings or service software provided by John Deere.
  • Check for recent updates or changes to the control units that might have led to the discrepancy. Revert any changes if necessary.
  • If inconsistencies persist, recalibrate the control units or reprogram them with the correct VIN data.
  • Consult with a John Deere technician if the above steps do not resolve the issue, as professional intervention may be required.


This error can lead to significant system malfunctions if not addressed promptly. Ensuring that all control units have matching and accurate VIN data is crucial for the proper functioning of the machinery.