ACU 000237.14 (ACU 237.14 ) – VIN Security Not Enabled

ACU 000237.14 (ACU 237.14)

Code: 000237.14

Shortcode: 237.14


This error code is triggered when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) security feature has not been enabled. This feature is crucial for ensuring the integrity and security of the control unit’s data and operations.


Due to the VIN security not being enabled, the control unit’s functionality is degraded, which may restrict certain operations or reduce the overall performance to safeguard the system.


  • Enable the VIN security feature using the appropriate configuration settings in the control unit’s software. This may require administrative access or assistance from a John Deere service technician.
  • Check the control unit’s manual or contact John Deere support for specific instructions on how to enable VIN security.
  • Ensure that all software updates are applied, as some updates may include security enhancements or additional functionalities related to VIN security.
  • Regularly review and audit the security settings on all control units to prevent similar issues.


Disabling VIN security can expose the system to unauthorized modifications and potential operational issues. It is advisable to enable this feature to maintain system integrity and compliance with security protocols.