ACU 000630.13 (ACU 630.13 ) – Uncalibrated Armrest Control Unit Compromises Safety

ACU 000630.13 (ACU 630.13)

Code: 000630.13

Shortcode: 630.13


This error code, ACU 630.13, indicates that the armrest control unit has never been calibrated, or a faulty calibration was inadvertently saved. This lack of proper calibration can lead to incorrect operational behavior or control issues.


To prevent unsafe operation due to potential misconfigurations, the control unit automatically defaults to a neutral state, stopping all motion or action until proper calibration is verified.


  • Perform a full calibration of the armrest control unit following John Deere’s specific guidelines to ensure all settings and operations align with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If a faulty calibration was saved, reset the system to its factory settings and recalibrate from the beginning.
  • Check for any possible updates to the software or firmware that might enhance the calibration process or fix issues related to calibration memory.
  • If calibration fails repeatedly, inspect the hardware components of the armrest control unit for any signs of damage or wear that might affect its functionality.
  • Should difficulties persist, engage with a John Deere certified technician who can undertake a more detailed diagnostic procedure and implement a solution.


Proper calibration of control units is essential for precise and safe machinery operation. Regular maintenance and checks should be scheduled to ensure calibration remains valid and effective.