ACU 000974.02 (ACU 974.02 ) – Voltage Discrepancy in Hand Throttle Sensor Circuits

ACU 000974.02 (ACU 974.02)

Code: 000974.02

Shortcode: 974.02


The error code ACU 974.02 highlights a voltage conflict between circuits 1 and 2 of the hand throttle sensor. This conflict suggests an inconsistency in the voltage readings, which could stem from sensor malfunctions, wiring issues, or electrical interference.


As a result of this conflict, the functionality of the system is degraded. The control unit may limit certain operations to prevent erratic behavior or potential damage due to the unreliable throttle sensor readings.


  • Inspect the hand throttle sensor and associated wiring for signs of damage, wear, or loose connections that could contribute to voltage inconsistencies.
  • Measure the voltage outputs from both circuits of the hand throttle sensor to identify and confirm the source of the conflict.
  • Replace the hand throttle sensor if it is found to be faulty or recalibrate the sensor if possible to ensure both circuits provide consistent voltage readings.
  • Shield the sensor’s wiring from potential electromagnetic interference that might be affecting the sensor’s voltage outputs.
  • If the problem continues after these steps, it may be necessary to consult a John Deere service technician who can provide further diagnostics and potentially reconfigure the system to resolve the issue.


Voltage conflicts within sensor circuits can lead to inaccurate operational data, impacting the overall performance and safety of the machinery. Addressing these issues promptly ensures the reliability and efficiency of your equipment.