ACU 001079.03 (ACU 1079.03 ) – Elevated Voltage in ACU Sensor Supply 1

ACU 001079.03 (ACU 1079.03)

Code: 001079.03

Shortcode: 1079.03


This error code, ACU 1079.03, signals that the sensor supply voltage within the armrest control unit (ACU) is registering higher than normal levels. This high voltage could be due to overcharging, electrical system malfunctions, or issues with the voltage regulator.


In response to this high voltage scenario, the function of the equipment has been degraded to mitigate any potential risks or damages that could arise from the abnormal voltage levels.


  • Inspect the ACU and associated electrical systems for any signs of overcharging or malfunctions in the voltage regulation components.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the actual voltage levels of the sensor supply to confirm they are beyond the recommended specifications.
  • Examine all related wiring and connections for damage or faults that might be contributing to the high voltage readings.
  • Replace or repair any faulty electrical components that are responsible for voltage regulation.
  • If the voltage levels cannot be normalized through basic troubleshooting, contact a professional service technician for a comprehensive diagnostic and repair service.


Persistent high voltage conditions can lead to more severe electrical failures and can compromise the safety and functionality of the control unit and connected systems. Regular monitoring and maintenance are advised to prevent such issues.