ACU 001079.04 (ACU 1079.04 ) – Sensor Supply 1 Voltage Below Norm

ACU 001079.04 (ACU 1079.04)

Code: 001079.04

Shortcode: 1079.04


This error code, ACU 1079.04, indicates that the sensor supply voltage within the armrest control unit (ACU) is below the expected threshold. Low voltage in this circuit can result from a variety of issues, including inadequate charging, faulty wiring, or a failing electrical component.


The control unit has responded by degrading its functions to prevent any potential damage or unsafe conditions due to the insufficient voltage supply.


  • Check the ACU’s power supply and wiring connections for any signs of looseness, corrosion, or damage that could be causing the voltage drop.
  • Measure the voltage output using a multimeter to verify that it is below the standard operating level and pinpoint possible issues in the power supply line.
  • Inspect the condition of the battery and charging system to ensure they are functioning correctly and providing consistent power.
  • Replace any faulty components found during the investigation, such as wires or connectors, to restore proper voltage levels.
  • If these steps do not rectify the problem, it may be necessary to consult with a John Deere certified technician who can provide a more in-depth diagnosis and undertake necessary repairs.


Continuous operation with low voltage may impair sensor functionality and accuracy, leading to further complications. Regular checks and maintenance are recommended to ensure that all electronic systems are operating within their designated voltage parameters for optimal performance and safety.