ACU 001080.03 (ACU 1080.03 ) – Excessive Voltage in Sensor Supply 2 Circuit

ACU 001080.03 (ACU 1080.03)

Code: 001080.03

Shortcode: 1080.03


The error code ACU 1080.03 denotes that the voltage in the Sensor Supply 2 circuit of the armrest control unit (ACU) is higher than the standard operational level. This could result from overvoltage conditions in the electrical system, possibly due to issues with the voltage regulator or malfunctions in the charging system.


To safeguard against potential risks associated with high voltage, such as damage to electronic components or erratic system behavior, the function of the equipment has been degraded.


  • Inspect the electrical system, focusing on the voltage regulator and charging system, to identify any malfunctions or settings that could be causing the high voltage.
  • Use a multimeter to measure and verify the high voltage levels in the Sensor Supply 2 circuit, ensuring the readings exceed normal parameters.
  • Check all related wiring and connections for damage, wear, or improper configurations that might contribute to voltage irregularities.
  • Replace or repair any defective components identified during the diagnostic checks.
  • If the issue persists after these interventions, it may be advisable to seek further assistance from a John Deere certified technician for a more comprehensive evaluation and corrective action.


High voltage conditions can cause significant stress on electrical components and can potentially lead to system failures. Immediate and ongoing monitoring after resolution is critical to ensure the issue does not recur and system integrity is maintained.