ACU 523968.02 – iTEC™ 1/2 Switch Circuit Disagreement

ACU 523968.02 (ACU )

Code: 523968.02



This error code, ACU 523968.02, is triggered when there is a disagreement between the iTEC™ 1 and iTEC™ 2 switch circuits. This conflict indicates that the signals from these switch circuits are not aligning as expected, which can affect the functionality of the iTEC™ system, especially in tractors that do not have field-installed kits for dual iTEC™ switches.


Due to this circuit disagreement, the iTEC™ functionality has been disabled to prevent incorrect operation or potential system errors.


  • Inspect the iTEC™ switch circuits to identify any signs of damage or misalignment that could be causing the signal discrepancies.
  • Verify the installation and configuration of the iTEC™ switches, particularly ensuring that setups without dual switch kits are correctly wired and programmed according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Test the individual circuits using diagnostic tools to determine the source of the disagreement, and adjust or repair as necessary to achieve correct signal alignment.
  • Recalibrate the iTEC™ system if adjustments or repairs are made to ensure all settings and operations are restored to their proper states.
  • If the system continues to show discrepancies despite troubleshooting, consider consulting with a John Deere technician for a more thorough examination and potential system overhaul.


It is crucial to address such conflicts promptly to maintain the efficiency and functionality of the iTEC™ system. Regular checks and maintenance can help detect early signs of issues, preventing larger operational problems in tractors.