ACU 523968.03 – High Voltage in iTEC™ 1/2 Switch Circuits

ACU 523968.03 (ACU )

Code: 523968.03



Error code ACU 523968.03 is activated when all three inputs of the iTEC™ 1/2 switch circuits register high voltage levels. This abnormal voltage condition suggests potential issues with the electrical system or incorrect settings that affect the functionality of the iTEC™ system. This code is specific to tractors without dual iTEC™ switch kits installed.


In response to the high voltage readings, the iTEC™ functionality has been disabled to prevent any operational errors or damage that might arise from these elevated voltages.


  • Check the iTEC™ switch circuits for any signs of electrical overload or faulty connections that could be causing the high voltage readings.
  • Inspect the wiring and components associated with the iTEC™ switches to ensure they are not damaged, worn, or improperly configured, which could lead to voltage irregularities.
  • Utilize electrical diagnostic tools to measure the actual voltage levels of the iTEC™ switch inputs and compare them with the manufacturer’s specifications to identify any deviations.
  • If the voltages are found to be consistently high, investigate the power supply and voltage regulation systems for issues that might be contributing to these conditions.
  • Recalibrate or replace electrical components if necessary, following the guidelines provided by John Deere, to ensure that the iTEC™ system operates within safe voltage parameters.


It is important to address high voltage issues promptly to avoid potential damage to the electrical system and ensure that the iTEC™ features remain functional and safe. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the tractor’s electrical system are recommended, especially for setups lacking dual switch enhancements.