ACU 523968.04 – Low Voltage in iTEC™ 1/2 Switch Circuits

ACU 523968.04 (ACU )

Code: 523968.04



This error code, ACU 523968.04, occurs when all three inputs from the iTEC™ 1/2 switch circuits are detected at low voltage levels. This unusual low voltage condition can indicate issues such as insufficient power supply, faulty electrical connections, or degraded components within the iTEC™ switch system. This code is relevant for tractors that do not have dual iTEC™ switches installed as field kits.


Due to the low voltage readings, the iTEC™ functionality has been disabled, preventing the use of automated tractor functions that rely on these switches to ensure safety and avoid operational errors.


  • Inspect the iTEC™ switch circuits thoroughly for any signs of damage, wear, or loose connections that could be causing the low voltage readings.
  • Test the voltage levels at each input using a multimeter or similar diagnostic tool to confirm the low voltage status and help pinpoint areas of potential electrical failure.
  • Examine the overall electrical system, including the power source and wiring to the iTEC™ switches, to identify any deficiencies or faults that might be contributing to the low voltage condition.
  • Consider recalibrating the electrical settings associated with the iTEC™ switches, or replace any faulty wiring or components discovered during the inspection.
  • If troubleshooting and component replacements do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to consult with a John Deere certified technician for further diagnostic work and potentially more comprehensive repairs.


Regular maintenance of the tractor’s electrical systems, especially components like the iTEC™ switches, is critical to ensure proper functionality and prevent issues like low voltage from impacting the operation of the machinery. Maintaining correct voltage levels is essential for the reliability and safety of the tractor’s automated features.