AIC 000168.03 (AIC 168.03) – High Unswitched Supply Voltage

AIC 000168.03 (AIC 168.03)

Code: 000168.03

Shortcode: 168.03


This error code, AIC 168.03, indicates that the unswitched supply voltage to the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) has exceeded 18 volts. This high voltage condition can occur due to an overcharging issue or a malfunction in the voltage regulation system.


To safeguard the system and prevent damage to electronic components, the control unit has disabled the function that is affected by this high voltage.


  • Inspect the power supply system, particularly the voltage regulator, to identify any malfunctions or settings that might be causing the overvoltage.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the unswitched supply voltage levels, verifying that they exceed the standard operational range.
  • Check all related wiring and electrical connections for issues that could contribute to excessive voltage, such as faulty wiring or poor connections.
  • Consider replacing or repairing any defective components found during the inspection, especially those involved in voltage regulation.
  • After addressing the issue, retest the voltage levels to ensure they are within the appropriate range and the disabled function has been correctly restored.


Maintaining correct voltage levels is critical for the reliable operation of the AIC and the overall safety of the equipment. Regular checks and maintenance of the electrical system are essential to detect and resolve such issues promptly, ensuring the equipment operates safely and efficiently.