AIC 000168.04 (AIC 168.04) – Low Unswitched Supply Voltage

AIC 000168.04 (AIC 168.04)

Code: 000168.04

Shortcode: 168.04


This error code, AIC 168.04, signals that the unswitched supply voltage to the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) has dropped below 9.0 volts. Such low voltage might be caused by a depleted battery, inadequate charging, or poor electrical connections.


In response to this low voltage condition, the control unit has automatically disabled the affected function to prevent potential malfunctions and preserve system integrity.


  • Inspect the battery and charging system to ensure they are functioning properly and providing sufficient power to the AIC.
  • Use a multimeter to verify the actual voltage levels reaching the AIC, pinpointing where voltage losses may be occurring within the circuit.
  • Examine all related electrical connections and wiring for signs of damage, wear, or looseness that could be causing the voltage drop.
  • If necessary, replace or repair any faulty components, such as batteries, alternators, or connections, that contribute to the low voltage issue.
  • After corrective actions have been taken, retest the system to confirm that the voltage has been restored to acceptable levels and that the disabled function is operational again.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the electrical system, especially unswitched supply lines, are vital to ensure that the AIC operates reliably and safely. Addressing voltage issues promptly helps avoid downtime and extends the lifespan of the equipment.