AIC 000628.02 (AIC 628.02) – Control Software Internal Fault

AIC 000628.02 (AIC 628.02)

Code: 000628.02

Shortcode: 628.02


This error code, AIC 628.02, is triggered when an issue is detected during the reading process of the internal module (EEPROM) within the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC). Such a fault can indicate data corruption, EEPROM failure, or a communication error within the internal memory system of the control software.


As a consequence of this internal fault, the control software’s functionality is either limited or entirely disabled, affecting the system’s ability to perform its designated control tasks.


  • Conduct a diagnostic check to confirm the nature of the EEPROM issue, using specialized tools to assess the integrity and accessibility of the internal memory.
  • Examine the connections and circuitry associated with the EEPROM to ensure there are no physical or electrical faults causing the read error.
  • If possible, attempt to reinitialize or reprogram the EEPROM to correct any faults or corrupted data. Ensure all necessary data backups are in place before proceeding.
  • Should reprogramming not resolve the issue, consider replacing the EEPROM or the entire control unit, depending on the extent of the fault and the design of the system.
  • After repairs or replacements, thoroughly test the control software to confirm that it is fully functional and that the error has been resolved.


Maintaining the integrity of control software and internal memory components like EEPROM is crucial for the reliable operation of machinery. Regular system checks and timely interventions are essential to detect and rectify such issues, preventing extensive downtime and ensuring optimal performance of the equipment.