AIC 002007.09 (AIC 2007.09) – RPT Message Missing

AIC 002007.09 (AIC 2007.09)

Code: 002007.09

Shortcode: 2007.09


This error code, AIC 2007.09, occurs when the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) fails to receive necessary messages from the RPT (Remote Power Train). This issue typically indicates a data transfer problem between the AIC control software and RPT control software, suggesting potential issues in the CAN Bus system or faults within the transmitting control software.


Due to the missing critical data, the functionality of the system has been degraded to prevent errors that could arise from incomplete or incorrect information.


  • Begin by inspecting the CAN Bus network for any physical defects that could disrupt data transmission, such as damaged wires or loose connections.
  • Use diagnostic tools to monitor the communication between the AIC and RPT. Check for error codes or failures in data packets that could indicate where the disruption is occurring.
  • Assess the health of both the AIC and RPT control software. Ensure that both are up to date and functioning correctly, without any software bugs that might hinder communication.
  • If excessive traffic or conflicts on the CAN Bus are detected, consider reconfiguring the network settings or temporarily reducing the number of active devices to isolate the issue.
  • Reset or reboot the control units involved to clear any transient errors or glitches in the system.
  • After making necessary repairs or adjustments, conduct thorough testing to ensure that messages are being correctly received by the AIC and that full functionality has been restored.


Maintaining clear and consistent communication between control units via the CAN Bus is critical for the operation of complex machinery. Regular checks and maintenance of the network, along with prompt updates to control software, can help prevent communication issues and ensure the stability of the system’s operations.