AIC 002036.09 (AIC 2036.09) – PTF Message Missing. John Deere AIC Communication Error.

AIC 002036.09 (AIC 2036.09)

Code: 002036.09

Shortcode: 2036.09


The error code AIC 2036.09 is reported when the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) fails to receive the necessary messages from the front Power Take-Off (PTO) control unit (PTF). This indicates a data transfer issue between the AIC control software and the System Control Computer (SCC) software, likely due to problems in the CAN Bus network or faults in the transmitting software.


As a result of the missing data, the system has limited the functionality of the front PTO to prevent operational errors that could occur due to incomplete communication.


  • Inspect the CAN Bus connections for any physical damages or disconnections that could impede communication between the AIC and front PTO control unit.
  • Utilize diagnostic tools to monitor and analyze the CAN Bus traffic to detect any abnormalities or conflicts that could be blocking the transmission of PTF messages.
  • Check both the AIC and SCC control software for updates or bugs that might affect their ability to send and receive messages. Update the software if necessary.
  • Consider adjusting the network configurations to optimize data flow and reduce traffic congestion, which could improve the reliability of message transmission.
  • Reset the involved control units to clear any temporary software issues that might be affecting their communication capabilities.
  • After implementing these changes, perform tests to confirm that the AIC is now receiving the required messages from the front PTO control unit, and verify that full functionality has been restored.


Continuous monitoring and proactive management of the CAN Bus system are essential for ensuring effective communication between various control units. Addressing issues promptly helps maintain the operational integrity and safety of the machinery, preventing downtime and potential malfunctions.