AIC 003509.03 (AIC 3509.03) – Excessive 5V Sensor Supply Voltage

AIC 003509.03 (AIC 3509.03)

Code: 003509.03

Shortcode: 3509.03


This code, AIC 3509.03, occurs when the 5V sensor supply 1 in the Armrest Interface Control Unit registers a voltage higher than 5.25 volts, suggesting a potential short to a 12V source.


Due to this overvoltage, the functionality of components dependent on this 5V supply is degraded to prevent damage.


  • Immediately inspect the 5V sensor supply circuit for signs of a short, particularly any connections or wiring that might inadvertently be exposed to or connected with 12V lines.
  • Use a voltmeter to measure the voltage output at the 5V supply to confirm the overvoltage condition and identify specific points of failure.
  • Examine all related electrical components and replace any damaged or malfunctioning parts that could contribute to voltage irregularities.
  • After repairs, recalibrate the voltage supply to ensure it consistently outputs within the specified range.
  • Conduct a thorough test of the system to ensure that the repair has resolved the issue and that all functions are operating normally.


Maintaining precise voltage levels in electronic control systems is crucial for the proper function and longevity of the machinery’s electronic components. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help prevent such issues from causing significant damage or operational failures.