AIC 003510.04 (AIC 3510.04) – Low Voltage in 5V Sensor Supply 2. John Deere AIC System Warning.

AIC 003510.04 (AIC 3510.04)

Code: 003510.04

Shortcode: 3510.04


Error code AIC 3510.04 is reported when the voltage in the 5V sensor supply 2 of the Armrest Interface Control Unit drops below 4.8 volts. This low voltage issue could stem from a short to ground or an internal fault within the control unit itself.


To prevent potential damage and ensure operational safety, the functionality of the components dependent on this voltage supply has been degraded.


  • Thoroughly inspect the circuit for the 5V sensor supply 2, focusing on identifying any shorts to ground. Check wiring and connectors for integrity issues such as fraying or loose connections.
  • Measure the voltage output with a voltmeter to verify that it is indeed below the normal range and to help locate the source of the voltage drop.
  • Review all components in the circuit, particularly looking for signs of wear, damage, or internal faults within the control unit that could be affecting voltage output.
  • Replace or repair any faulty elements discovered during the inspection. Ensure that all connections are secure and that replaced parts are compatible with the system.
  • After addressing the faults, recalibrate the system if necessary and perform extensive testing to ensure the voltage is stable and within the required specifications, and that the functionality of the system has been fully restored.


Maintaining the electrical integrity of the Armrest Interface Control Unit and its associated circuits is crucial for the reliable operation of the machinery. Regular checks and immediate repairs of voltage issues are essential to prevent more significant problems and ensure the equipment operates efficiently and safely.