AIC 003510.06 (AIC 3510.06) – High Current in 5V Sensor Supply 2. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 003510.06 (AIC 3510.06)

Code: 003510.06

Shortcode: 3510.06


This code, AIC 3510.06, signals an abnormally high current in the 5V sensor supply 2 of the Armrest Interface Control Unit. This elevated current typically indicates a short to ground within the circuit, which can lead to increased risk of damage to the electrical system.


To mitigate potential damage and maintain safety, the system has degraded the functionality of the affected components until the issue is resolved.


  • Immediately inspect the 5V sensor supply 2 circuit for any potential shorts to ground. Focus on examining all wiring and connectors for signs of damage, wear, or improper insulation.
  • Use an ammeter to measure the current flow through the circuit to confirm it is above the recommended levels and to help pinpoint the exact location of the excessive current.
  • Check for any damaged components within the circuit that might be causing increased current draw, such as failing resistors or other electrical components.
  • Replace or repair any faulty circuit elements. Ensure that all repairs comply with manufacturer specifications to guarantee proper circuit functionality.
  • After completing repairs or replacements, recalibrate the circuit if necessary and conduct thorough testing to ensure the current is now within safe operational limits and that the circuit’s function has been fully restored.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of electrical systems, especially those related to critical sensor supplies, are crucial for preventing overcurrent conditions that can lead to component failure and operational inefficiencies. Proactive measures and timely repairs help maintain system stability and prevent long-term damage to machinery.