AIC 516446.09 – Armrest Multi-Function Lever Module Message Missing. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 516446.09 (AIC )

Code: 516446.09



This code, AIC 516446.09, is generated when the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) fails to receive a LIN message from the armrest multi-function lever module. This failure indicates a data transfer issue between the AIC control software and the LIN Bus module, specifically at positions F and G. The absence of this crucial communication could be due to disruptions in the LIN Bus such as line faults, connection issues, or module failures, which are critical in equipment that relies heavily on precision and multiple functionality.


As a result of this missing data, the function controlled by the multi-function lever has been disabled to prevent incorrect operations or potential safety hazards.


  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the LIN Bus connections, particularly around positions F and G, to identify any physical damages or loose connections that may be interrupting the data flow.
  • Use diagnostic tools to check for continuity and proper functioning of the LIN Bus at these positions to ensure there are no electrical faults.
  • Examine the multi-function lever module for any signs of malfunction or damage that could prevent it from transmitting the necessary data.
  • If issues are found with the LIN Bus or the lever module, make the necessary repairs or replacements, then reset the system to re-establish proper communication.
  • After resolving these issues, perform a comprehensive system check to verify that the multi-function lever is fully operational and all associated functions are restored.


Ensuring uninterrupted and accurate data communication within the AIC system is essential for the smooth operation of John Deere machinery. Regular checks and maintenance of the communication lines and associated modules help maintain system integrity and prevent operational delays.