AIC 516461.02 – SCV XV Control Lever Switch/Sensor Conflict. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 516461.02 (AIC )

Code: 516461.02



This error code, AIC 516461.02, arises when there is a conflict between the detent switch of the SCV XV (Selective Control Valve XV) control lever and the lever’s actual position. This discrepancy indicates an issue with either the switch’s sensitivity or the lever’s feedback mechanism, which may result in incorrect signal processing. Such conflicts typically occur due to calibration errors, mechanical wear, or sensor faults in systems that demand precise control lever operations.


The control unit has responded by limiting the function of the SCV XV to prevent any operational errors or potential damage that could result from executing commands based on incorrect position data.


  • Inspect the SCV XV control lever and its detent switch for mechanical alignment and proper functioning. Check for signs of wear or damage that could affect their performance.
  • Test the switch and lever with diagnostic equipment to ensure they are accurately reflecting the lever’s position and responding correctly to user inputs.
  • Calibrate the SCV XV control lever and its detent switch, if necessary, to align their operations and ensure they are synchronized.
  • Replace the detent switch or any other faulty components if recalibration does not resolve the conflict.
  • Once repairs and adjustments are made, perform a full operational test to confirm that the issue has been resolved and the SCV XV is functioning properly without restrictions.


Regular maintenance and timely calibration of control levers and their associated switches are crucial in maintaining the precision and reliability of machinery operations. Proactive management of these components ensures optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.