AIC 520425.07 – Vehicle CAN Bus Error Counter High. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 520425.07 (AIC )

Code: 520425.07



This error code, AIC 520425.07, is triggered when the error counter for the vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus in the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) reaches an unusually high level. Such a condition typically indicates persistent communication errors within the CAN Bus, which may be caused by electrical noise, faulty connections, or incompatible devices connected to the network. These errors can compromise the reliability and efficiency of data transmission across the vehicle’s control systems.


Due to the high number of errors detected, the control unit has restricted the functionality of systems relying on the CAN Bus to prevent erroneous operations and potential system failures.


  • Inspect the CAN Bus network for physical defects such as damaged wires or poor connections that could be causing transmission errors.
  • Use diagnostic software to monitor the CAN Bus traffic and identify sources of errors, such as electrical noise or conflicts from incorrectly configured devices.
  • Check for and address any incompatible or malfunctioning devices connected to the CAN Bus that may be contributing to the high error rate.
  • If necessary, replace faulty wiring or connectors, and ensure that all devices on the network are properly configured and functioning within their specified parameters.
  • After resolving the underlying issues, reset the error counter and monitor the CAN Bus operation to ensure that error rates remain low and that normal function is restored.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the CAN Bus system are essential to ensure stable and reliable communication between the various electronic control units within a vehicle. Effective troubleshooting and timely correction of CAN Bus issues are critical to maintaining optimal vehicle performance and preventing operational disruptions.