AIC 520426.07 – Vehicle CAN Bus Error Counter High. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 520426.07 (AIC )

Code: 520426.07



This error code, AIC 520426.07, is set off when the error counter on the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus exceeds acceptable limits. This typically points to ongoing communication issues within the CAN Bus system, which may be due to electrical interferences, degraded cables, defective connections, or improperly configured network devices. These errors can disrupt the normal operation and communication efficiency across the vehicle’s electrical systems.


The system has implemented a limitation on the functionality of affected components to mitigate any risks associated with erratic data transmissions and to stabilize the network.


  • Thoroughly inspect the CAN Bus for any signs of physical damage, such as frayed wires, loose connectors, or corrosion that could be impairing signal integrity.
  • Employ diagnostic tools to analyze CAN Bus activity. Identify specific nodes or devices that are generating excessive errors or disruptions in the network.
  • Rectify any found issues with network devices or configurations that may be contributing to the high error rates. This may involve reconfiguring settings, updating firmware, or replacing malfunctioning hardware.
  • Check all network connections for proper seating and secure connections. Replace or repair any faulty components.
  • After addressing these issues, clear the error counter and conduct extensive testing to ensure that the CAN Bus is functioning optimally and that error rates have normalized.


Ensuring the health of the CAN Bus network is critical for the seamless operation of integrated vehicle systems. Continuous monitoring and prompt resolution of issues are essential to maintain the reliability and efficiency of operations, reducing the risk of major failures and enhancing overall vehicle performance.