AIC 521410.02 – Circuit Malfunction in Armrest Multi-Function Lever. John Deere AIC System Advisory.

AIC 521410.02 (AIC )

Code: 521410.02



This error code signals a specific issue within the circuit of button 2 on the Armrest Multi-Function Lever, pinpointing a failure in the front right switch. The error pertains to difficulties in capturing the switch’s signal, which can lead to potential misinterpretations or failures in executing intended commands.


The malfunction has prompted the control unit to disable the affected function to prevent erroneous operations and ensure the safety of machine handling.


  • Detailed Inspection of the Problematic Switch: Thoroughly examine the front right switch for any signs of physical impairment or degradation that could compromise its function.
  • Circuit Analysis and Signal Testing: Perform an in-depth analysis of the circuitry associated with button 2, focusing on signal integrity and pathway continuity.
  • Rectify Wiring and Connection Issues: Identify and remedy any anomalies in the wiring or electrical connections that may be causing signal disruption.
  • Component Replacement as Needed: If inspection reveals that the switch or associated components are damaged, proceed with replacing these to restore functionality.
  • Operational Verification Post-Repair: Following any corrective actions, reset the control system and run tests to ensure that the multi-function lever is fully operational and no further errors are present.


To minimize operational downtime and maintain efficiency, it is crucial to address circuit faults promptly and effectively. Implementing a schedule for regular preventive maintenance and system checks can help detect early signs of wear or damage, thereby extending the lifespan of machinery components and enhancing overall safety and performance.