AIC 521411.02 – Disruption in Armrest Multi-Function Lever. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 521411.02 (AIC )

Code: 521411.02



This error message identifies a fault within the circuit of button 3 on the Armrest Multi-Function Lever, focusing on the rear left switch. An error in signal transmission from this switch has been detected, indicating a possible breakdown in electrical continuity or signal integrity, which affects the lever’s functionality.


To prevent the possibility of incorrect operational commands, the control unit has proactively disabled the function linked to this part of the multi-function lever.


  • Conduct a Thorough Examination of the Rear Left Switch: Inspect the switch for any mechanical damage or electrical failures that could impede its function.
  • Test and Analyze the Associated Circuit: Focus on verifying the electrical pathways and signal continuity for button 3 to pinpoint the exact source of the fault.
  • Address and Repair Electrical Connection Issues: Ensure that all connections are secure and free from corrosion or damage that could disrupt the circuit’s functionality.
  • Replace Damaged Components: If the switch or any related circuitry is found to be defective, replace these components to ensure proper function.
  • Reassess Functionality After Repairs: Once repairs are completed, reset the system and conduct a series of operational tests to confirm that the issue has been resolved and that the lever operates as intended without further interruptions.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of electronic components are vital for the reliability and safety of operational controls in agricultural machinery. Early detection and correction of faults within the circuitry can significantly enhance the equipment’s efficiency and longevity, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.