AIC 521475.02 – Circuit Fault in Rear Hitch Setup Controls. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 521475.02 (AIC )

Code: 521475.02



This error code addresses a circuit fault originating from the rear hitch setup controls module, which is experiencing a LIN data fault. The problem pertains to a compromised data transfer between the AIC (Armrest Interface Control) software and the LIN Bus module located at position M. This situation suggests there may be an issue either within the LIN Bus system or with the transmitting LIN Bus module itself.


To safeguard the system and prevent erratic behavior of the rear hitch setup, the control unit has limited the operational functions available, reducing the overall functionality until the issue is resolved.


  • Inspect the LIN Bus System and Module: Check the LIN Bus module at position M for any signs of physical damage or malfunction. Also, examine the bus system for any potential disruptions or faults.
  • Test Data Transfer Capabilities: Use diagnostic tools to assess the data transfer capabilities and integrity of the LIN Bus module, particularly focusing on its ability to handle communications effectively.
  • Rectify Wiring and Connection Issues: Ensure that all connections are secure and intact. Repair any faulty wiring or connections that could be impacting data transmission.
  • Module Replacement if Necessary: If the LIN Bus module is found to be defective or incapable of proper transmission, consider replacing it to restore full functionality.
  • System Calibration and Testing: After any repairs or replacements, recalibrate the system and perform comprehensive testing to ensure that the rear hitch setup controls are functioning as intended without further communication issues.


Effective communication between control modules is essential for the smooth operation of agricultural equipment. Regular maintenance and proactive checks of the LIN Bus system and associated modules can help prevent issues that lead to operational limitations and ensure that all components function together seamlessly.