AIC 521476.02 – Data Transmission Fault in Rear Hitch Setup Controls. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 521476.02 (AIC )

Code: 521476.02



This error code signals a LIN data fault within the rear hitch setup controls module, specifically involving the LIN Bus module at position S. The core issue lies in the disrupted data transfer between the Armrest Interface Control (AIC) software and the LIN Bus module, suggesting potential faults either in the LIN Bus system or in the transmission capabilities of the LIN Bus module itself.


Due to this communication fault, the control unit has switched to a limited function mode, restricting certain functionalities of the rear hitch setup to prevent misoperation and maintain system integrity.


  • Examine the LIN Bus Module and System: Investigate the LIN Bus module at position S for any physical damage or electronic faults that could affect its performance. Also, assess the overall health of the LIN Bus system.
  • Diagnostic Tests on Data Transmission: Perform diagnostic checks to evaluate the data transmission capabilities of the LIN Bus module, ensuring it can send and receive signals correctly.
  • Address Connectivity and Wiring Problems: Repair or replace any compromised wiring or connectors that could be causing data transmission failures.
  • Consider Replacing the Faulty Module: If testing confirms that the module is defective, replacing it may be necessary to ensure proper communication and functionality.
  • Reset and Comprehensive System Testing: After addressing the issue, reset the entire system and conduct tests to verify that the rear hitch setup controls are fully operational and no further communication errors are present.


Regular monitoring and proactive maintenance of the communication systems are crucial to avoid operational disruptions in agricultural machinery. Early detection and repair of faults within the LIN Bus system can help maintain the efficient and safe operation of the equipment, ensuring that all components communicate effectively and function seamlessly.