AIC 521571.09 – Communication Disruption in Armrest Front Left Module. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 521571.09 (AIC )

Code: 521571.09



This error code, AIC 521571.09, indicates that the Armrest Interface Control software (AIC) is not receiving LIN messages from the armrest front left module. The issue is traced back to a data transfer problem with the LIN Bus module at position D. This communication failure points to potential problems within the LIN Bus system itself or with the transmitting capabilities of the LIN Bus module involved.


Due to this communication error, the control unit has shifted to a limited function mode to prevent incorrect operation of the front left module and safeguard overall system integrity.


  • Inspect the LIN Bus Module at Position D: Check this specific module for any signs of damage or operational issues that could hinder message transmission.
  • Perform Detailed Diagnostic Testing: Utilize diagnostic tools to analyze the LIN Bus module’s ability to send and receive data accurately and reliably.
  • Address Wiring and Connectivity Issues: Ensure that all connections related to the LIN Bus module are secure and intact. Repair or replace any damaged or loose wiring that could be affecting communication.
  • Module Replacement if Necessary: If the LIN Bus module is found to be faulty, replacing it may be required to restore proper communication.
  • System Reset and Comprehensive Testing: After any necessary repairs or replacements, reset the system and perform tests to ensure that the armrest front left module is fully operational and that all communication errors have been resolved.


Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance of the LIN Bus and its modules are essential for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of agricultural machinery. Early detection and correction of communication issues can prevent more extensive problems and ensure the machinery operates as expected.