AIC 521572.09 – Missing Communication in Armrest Front Middle Module. John Deere System

AIC 521572.09 (AIC )

Code: 521572.09



The error code AIC 521572.09 reveals a significant communication issue where the Armrest Interface Control software (AIC) is not receiving essential LIN messages from the armrest front middle module. The fault is identified as a data transfer problem originating from the LIN Bus at position E, suggesting either a disruption in the LIN Bus system or a malfunction in the specific transmitting LIN Bus module.


In response to this detected communication failure, the control unit has restricted the operational capabilities of the system, activating a limited function mode to prevent further complications and maintain system safety.


  • Examine LIN Bus Module at Position E: Start by inspecting this module for any visible signs of damage, wear, or electronic failure that could impair its ability to communicate effectively.
  • Conduct Diagnostic Evaluations: Use diagnostic equipment to thoroughly assess the data transfer functions of the LIN Bus module, ensuring it can handle the required communication loads.
  • Rectify Wiring and Connectivity Issues: Check and repair any issues with the wiring or connectors that might be contributing to the communication breakdown.
  • Consider Replacing Faulty Modules: If diagnostics confirm that the LIN Bus module is defective, proceed with its replacement to guarantee reliable data transfer.
  • Reset the System and Verify Operations: After implementing any necessary fixes, reset the entire system and carry out tests to confirm that the armrest front middle module is fully functional and all communication paths are clear.


Ensuring the health of the LIN Bus system and its components is critical for the seamless operation of agricultural equipment. Regular checks and timely interventions can help prevent significant downtime and maintain operational efficiency. Early detection of such communication issues is vital for avoiding larger system failures.