AIC 521573.09 – Communication Fault in Armrest Front Right Module. John Deere System Advisory.

AIC 521573.09 (AIC )

Code: 521573.09



This error code, AIC 521573.09, indicates a failure in the communication system where the Armrest Interface Control software (AIC) is not receiving LIN messages from the armrest front right module. The issue has been traced to a data transfer problem at the LIN Bus position F, pointing to possible malfunctions within the LIN Bus system or issues with the transmitting LIN Bus module.


The control unit has enacted a limited function mode to mitigate any potential risks or errors that might arise from this communication gap, aiming to maintain the safety and integrity of the system.


  • Inspect LIN Bus Module at Position F: Thoroughly examine the LIN Bus module for any signs of damage, electronic failure, or configuration errors that could affect its operational capacity.
  • Diagnostic Testing: Employ diagnostic tools to test the module’s ability to send and receive messages, focusing on identifying any disruptions in data flow.
  • Fix Wiring and Connection Problems: Address and correct any faulty or loose wiring and connections that may be impairing communication between the AIC and the front right module.
  • Replace Defective Modules: If the LIN Bus module at position F is found to be faulty, replacing it will be necessary to restore proper communication within the system.
  • System Reset and Testing: After repairs or replacements, reset the system and perform a comprehensive series of tests to ensure that the communication issue is resolved and that the armrest front right module is functioning correctly without further interruptions.


Regular maintenance and proactive troubleshooting of communication systems are crucial for the reliable operation of agricultural machinery. Keeping the LIN Bus system in optimal condition through routine checks and timely updates can prevent communication failures and enhance the efficiency and safety of the machinery.