AIC 523671.02 – Drive Lever Circuit Conflict. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 523671.02 (AIC )

Code: 523671.02



This error code AIC 523671.02 identifies a conflict within the drive lever circuit, specifically related to an error in the forward slot position of the right-hand reverser. This indicates a misalignment or malfunction in the sensors or mechanisms that detect the lever’s position, potentially leading to incorrect or unsafe transmission behavior.


In response to detecting this positional error, the control unit has automatically defaulted the transmission to neutral. This safety measure prevents the vehicle from unexpected movements that could arise from incorrect lever positions, ensuring operator and equipment safety.


  • Inspect the Right-Hand Reverser and Forward Slot: Check for physical damage, misalignment, or wear that might affect the reverser’s ability to correctly register the forward slot position.
  • Test Position Sensors: Utilize diagnostic tools to test the sensors responsible for detecting the lever’s position within the forward slot of the right-hand reverser. Ensure that these sensors are functioning correctly and providing accurate data.
  • Correct Wiring and Electrical Issues: Examine the wiring and connections associated with the right-hand reverser. Repair or replace any damaged or faulty wiring that might be causing the position error.
  • Calibrate the Drive Lever System: After any necessary repairs, recalibrate the system to ensure that the lever and its sensors correctly correspond to the actual mechanical positions.
  • System Reset and Operational Testing: Reset the control unit to clear the fault and perform extensive testing to ensure the drive lever operates correctly across all positions, particularly verifying the forward slot of the right-hand reverser.


Regular maintenance of the drive lever and its components is crucial for the reliable operation of the vehicle. Ensuring that all parts are in good working condition and correctly calibrated helps prevent operational issues and enhances the safety and efficiency of machinery operations. Addressing circuit conflicts promptly can significantly reduce downtime and potential safety hazards.