AIC 523671.07 – Drive Lever Adjustment Fault. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 523671.07 (AIC )

Code: 523671.07



This error code AIC 523671.07 signals a fault related to the mechanical response or adjustment of the drive lever. It indicates that the mechanical system linked to the lever operation is either not responding as expected or is improperly adjusted, which could affect the proper engagement and disengagement of the drive system.


Due to the adjustment issue, the control unit has detected that the lever is not in the PARK position as expected under normal conditions when the vehicle is stationary or started. This fault poses a safety risk as it may lead to unintended vehicle movements.


  • Inspect the Drive Lever Mechanism: Examine the drive lever and associated mechanical linkages for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment that might hinder proper operation.
  • Adjust the Mechanical Linkage: If the drive lever or its components are found to be out of alignment, make the necessary mechanical adjustments to ensure proper engagement and placement in the PARK position.
  • Test Mechanical Response: After adjustments, manually test the drive lever to ensure it can smoothly transition to and securely lock in the PARK position.
  • Calibrate Lever Sensors: If sensors are involved in detecting the lever position, recalibrate them to ensure they accurately reflect the lever’s actual position.
  • System Reset and Functionality Test: Reset the control system to clear any errors related to the drive lever adjustment fault. Conduct thorough operational tests to verify that the lever now correctly identifies as being in PARK and that all related functionalities are restored.


Regular inspections and maintenance of the drive lever and its mechanical systems are crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of machinery operations. Proper calibration and timely adjustment of these components can prevent potential operational hazards and ensure the equipment functions as designed.