AIC 523745.02 – iTEC™ Program Selection Switch Logic Fault. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 523745.02 (AIC )

Code: 523745.02



The error code AIC 523745.02 identifies a fault within the iTEC™ program selection switch, specifically regarding the logic of sequences 1 and 2. Incorrect switch logic suggests that the switch may not be functioning as designed, possibly due to a faulty switch mechanism or an issue within the electrical circuitry handling these inputs.


The control software has reacted to this fault by either limiting or completely disabling the functionality of the iTEC™ program selection switch. This measure prevents potential operational errors or incorrect program activations that could arise from the faulty switch logic.


  • Inspect the iTEC™ Program Selection Switch: Examine the switch for physical signs of damage or wear that might affect its function. Ensure that it moves freely and doesn’t stick in any position.
  • Test Electrical Circuitry: Utilize diagnostic tools to test the electrical pathways and connections associated with the switch. Check for shorts, opens, or irregularities in the voltage that could explain the incorrect logic behavior.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Components: If the switch or any part of its circuitry is found to be defective, undertake the necessary repairs or replace the faulty components to ensure the switch functions as intended.
  • Verify Switch Logic Functionality: After repairs or replacements, conduct tests to ensure the switch correctly activates the intended sequences without errors. This may involve simulating the iTEC™ program selections to observe the outcomes.
  • System Reset and Comprehensive Testing: Reset the control system to clear any faults and perform comprehensive testing to confirm that the iTEC™ program selection switch is fully operational and no longer exhibits incorrect logic.


Maintaining the reliability of control switches, such as the iTEC™ program selection switch, is crucial for the proper functioning of agricultural machinery. Regular checks and timely intervention when issues are detected can prevent more significant system failures and ensure the equipment operates efficiently and safely.