AIC 523745.03 – High Voltage Fault in iTEC™ Program Selection Switch. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 523745.03 (AIC )

Code: 523745.03



This error code, AIC 523745.03, is triggered when the voltage at the iTEC™ program selection switch is detected to be excessively high, potentially indicating a faulty switch or a short circuit within the switch’s electrical circuitry. High voltage in this context could damage the switch, disrupt its functionality, or pose a safety risk due to electrical hazards.


The control software has responded by limiting or disabling the functionality of the iTEC™ program selection switch. This preventive measure helps avoid unintended consequences or malfunctions that could stem from the high voltage issue.


  • Inspect the iTEC™ Program Selection Switch: Check for any signs of damage, wear, or electrical burning that could indicate a fault contributing to the high voltage. Ensure that the switch does not have any visible defects.
  • Diagnose Electrical Circuitry: Use diagnostic tools to evaluate the electrical circuit of the switch, particularly looking for signs of shorts to power sources or faulty components that could cause voltage irregularities.
  • Rectify or Replace Faulty Wiring: Identify and correct any faulty wiring or damaged components in the switch’s circuit. Replace any parts that are found to be contributing to the high voltage issue.
  • Test Switch Operation: After addressing the potential causes of the high voltage, thoroughly test the switch to ensure that it operates at normal voltage levels and functions correctly.
  • System Reset and Operational Verification: Reset the control system to clear any error codes and restore default settings. Perform a comprehensive operational test to confirm that the iTEC™ program selection switch is fully functional and no longer exhibits high voltage readings.


Regular maintenance and prompt attention to electrical faults are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of agricultural machinery. Ensuring that all electronic components, such as switches, are operating within their specified voltage ranges is essential to prevent damage, ensure operational reliability, and maintain the safety of the machinery.