AIC 524019.31 – Right Hand Reverser Neutral/Not-Neutral Transition Delay. John Deere Informational Alert.

AIC 524019.31 (AIC )

Code: 524019.31



This error code AIC 524019.31 is generated when the right-hand reverser lever remains in transition between neutral and not-neutral positions for an extended period, exceeding five seconds. This situation is noted as informational and suggests that the lever was either held or stuck momentarily in transition, but it does not necessarily indicate a mechanical failure or a defect within the system.


There is no direct operational impact or control unit response required for this particular code, as it serves as an informational alert. The system does not initiate any automatic safety protocols or functional limitations based on this alert alone.


  • Monitor Lever Operation: While no immediate checks are necessary, operators should be aware of the lever’s responsiveness and ensure that it moves smoothly between positions without undue delay or resistance.
  • Periodic Inspection of Lever Mechanism: Regularly inspect the right-hand reverser lever mechanism for any signs of wear, damage, or obstruction that could impede smooth operation. Such inspections can prevent potential issues from developing into actual faults.
  • Lubrication and Maintenance: Apply appropriate lubricants to the lever mechanism if stiffness or delayed movement is noticed during regular operation. Ensure that all moving parts are clean and free from debris.
  • Operational Training: Remind operators of the correct usage of the reverser lever to avoid holding it in a transitional state longer than necessary, which might trigger such informational alerts.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Keep records of any instances where this code appears to identify potential patterns or recurring issues that might suggest a deeper problem if the situation changes.


Given that this code is informational, it is primarily a prompt for operators to ensure correct handling and to monitor the lever for potential issues. Regular maintenance and careful operation are key to preventing mechanical issues in machinery, ensuring both the longevity of the equipment and safety in its operation.