AIC 524020.31 – Transmission Not in PARK at Startup. John Deere Informational Alert.

AIC 524020.31 (AIC )

Code: 524020.31



This error code, AIC 524020.31, is triggered when the transmission of a vehicle equipped with AutoPowr™/IVT™ is not set to PARK at the time of power-up. The transmission was in a position for either forward or reverse travel during the engine start-up or ignition process. This alert is designed to inform the operator of the importance of ensuring the transmission is in PARK before starting the vehicle to ensure safety and prevent unintended movement.

Information for Operator:

  • Reverse Drive Lever Position: The reverse drive lever was noted to be in a position for forward or reverse travel during start-up.
  • Alarm Level: Caution. This diagnostic trouble code is informational and is not stored in the system memory.
  • Corrective Action: The operator is advised to move the reverse drive lever to the corner park lock position and cycle the ignition off and on to deactivate the diagnostic trouble code.


The control unit automatically commands the transmission to shift to PARK as a safety precaution. This action helps to secure the vehicle against unintended movements that could occur if it were started in gear.


  • Operational Training: Ensure that all operators are trained on the correct start-up procedures, including verifying the transmission is set to PARK before initiating ignition.
  • Regular Lever Checks: Periodically check the functionality of the reverse drive lever to ensure it accurately reflects the transmission’s settings and moves smoothly into the PARK position.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect the transmission and lever mechanisms for any signs of wear or damage that could prevent the transmission from being properly set to PARK.
  • Documentation of Incidents: Keep a log of any occurrences where the transmission is not in PARK at power-up to identify any recurring issues or patterns that may require further mechanical inspection or adjustments.


This code serves as a cautionary reminder to prevent potential safety hazards associated with starting the vehicle in gear. Adhering to proper start-up protocols is essential for safe operation and can help avoid unnecessary alerts and ensure the longevity and reliability of the transmission system. Regular training and maintenance are key components in preventing operational errors.