AIC 524096.02 – Engine Speed Control Module Communication Fault. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 524096.02 (AIC )

Code: 524096.02



This error code AIC 524096.02 arises when there is a fault in the communication between the Armrest Interface Control software (AIC) and the engine speed control module, specifically regarding the LIN message received. The fault is characterized by a mismatch in the output signals of the potentiometer associated with the speed control lever, where the expected voltage ratio is not being met — the voltage at channel 1 should be double that of channel 2. This discrepancy indicates a potential issue with the potentiometer or the circuitry processing its signals.


Due to this communication fault, the control unit has restricted the functionality of the engine speed control, limiting the ability to adjust and control engine speed accurately. This is a precautionary measure to prevent incorrect engine operations that could arise from faulty signal interpretation.


  • Inspect the Potentiometer and Associated Wiring: Examine the potentiometer on the speed control lever and its wiring for any signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections that could impact signal integrity.
  • Test Potentiometer Output Signals: Utilize diagnostic equipment to measure the output voltages from both channels of the potentiometer to confirm the reported discrepancy and identify any irregularities.
  • Calibrate or Replace the Potentiometer: If the potentiometer outputs do not meet the specified ratio, recalibrate the device if possible, or replace it if it is found to be defective.
  • Verify Circuit and Component Functionality: Check the related circuit components for faults and ensure that all connections in the signal pathway are intact and functioning properly.
  • Reset the Control System and Re-test: After making necessary repairs or replacements, reset the control system to clear any faults and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the engine speed control lever is now functioning correctly, with accurate voltage output from the potentiometer.
  • System Performance Validation: Perform a full system performance check to validate that all engine control settings respond appropriately to the speed control lever adjustments.


Regular maintenance of electronic control systems and their components is vital to ensure the accuracy and reliability of machinery operations. Prompt attention to resolving signal discrepancies and communication faults can prevent further complications and ensure that the equipment operates safely and efficiently under various conditions.