AIC 524021.31 – Multiple Reverser Switches Conflict. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 524021.31 (AIC )

Code: 524021.31



This error code, AIC 524021.31, indicates a conflict arising from multiple failures in the reverser lever switches. This issue stems from receiving incorrect combinations of signals from more than two switches associated with the reverse drive lever, including but not limited to the neutral, park lock, direction, power zero, or tractor movement switches. Such conflicts can disrupt the normal operation of the vehicle by sending conflicting commands to the transmission system.


As a response to this signal conflict, the control unit has automatically commanded the transmission to shift to PARK. This safety action is designed to prevent unintended vehicle movements and can be reversed once the issue is addressed.


  • Inspect and Test All Related Switches: Perform a thorough inspection and testing of all switches associated with the reverse drive lever. Look for any signs of physical damage, wear, or electrical malfunction that could contribute to incorrect signal outputs.
  • Diagnose Electrical Circuitry: Utilize diagnostic tools to check the electrical circuitry connecting these switches. Pay special attention to potential shorts, open circuits, or any anomalies that might affect the integrity of the signals being transmitted.
  • Replace Faulty Switches: Replace any switches that are found to be faulty to ensure that only correct and consistent signals are sent from the reverse drive lever.
  • Calibrate and Verify System Functionality: After replacing the switches, recalibrate the system if necessary and conduct a comprehensive verification to ensure all switches are correctly integrated and functioning as intended.
  • System Reset and Operational Testing: Reset the control system to clear any commands to shift to PARK and perform extensive testing to confirm that the issue has been resolved. Ensure that the transmission responds appropriately to all switch settings.


Resolving conflicts in critical control systems such as the reverse drive lever is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of machinery operations. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to resolving such conflicts can help prevent operational disruptions and maintain the safe use of the equipment. Keeping all switches and their connections in good working order is essential for accurate and reliable machine performance.